Quasar was born in Tucson AZ, moved to Oregon when she was 4 years old and has lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest ever since. She had been creating art since childhood and been painting professional for approximately 15 years. As a believer in magic, she’s constantly striving to push the limits of perception and interpretation through her paintings. Ultimately her view strives to show the unavoidable inter-connectedness of all living things and how our choices and energy attract that which we put out. Blending ideas from some of her greatest influences, her style represents years of creating worlds inside her own mind.

Quasars are described to be “massive and extremely remote celestial objects emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy” and that they “may represent a stage in the evolutionary cycle of some galaxies.” There is still much that is unknown about these bright celestial objects, as there is about the universe as a whole. Her style stays true to representing the purely stunning mystery and miracle of life, and every stroke of the brush is an inner mantra creating a path closer towards the Divine.